Griffon Shadow™

Griffon Shadow: Archangel of the Underworld

As suggested by the title, this story takes place in the underworld with a classic battle between good and evil. Originally Mike had planned to do this story as a puppet show, but as of yet the play is unrealized. The puppet of Griffon Shadow however was used in several performances with Canadian Crusader ™ as the villain Icicles Man ™.

Once Mike is finished transforming the Heroes Past and Present trilogy of stories into a series of Comic Books, the Griffon Shadow comic book is next on the list!


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Griffon Shadow™

Type: Undead human, Archangel
Alter Ego: Kevin Conrad
Traits: Messy hair, a tortured soul, confused and lost as he battles to escape the underworld.
Special Powers: Possesses the life force of a giant griffon which only appears as a shadow-like form. This gives Kevin the ability to fly using the griffon's wings, and the physical strength to battle the evil which lurks throughout Hades.
Weakness: Making the transition from earth to the underworld depletes Griffon Shadow's strength and erases his memory.
Origin: Earth, somewhere in Canada. Exact location is unknown.